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History Of Our Obstetrics And Gynecology Practice

The present Obstetrics and Gynecology practice has been in existence since 1957. At that time, Dr. Edward Murphy and Dr. Eric Corkhill formed a partnership and later were joined in 1968 by Dr. S. F. Rudolph. Dr. Murphy retired in the early 1970s, and in 1976, Dr. Helmut Karbiner joined the group.

As the years went on, Dr. Bruce Hopper and Dr. Robert Dein joined the OB/GYN practice. In the late 1980s, the practice moved from its original site on Glenbrook Avenue in Bryn Mawr to its present location at Radnor House in Rosemont. In addition, in 1987, the name of the practice was changed to Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates in place of the names of the physicians.

Patient with Doctor

Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates

Between 1990 and the present, there were several other physicians associated with the practice. These included Drs. Rogers, Hamill, Sophocles, Mikes, Yeagley, El-Mallah, and Lu. Dr. Youcha practiced gynecology only, but left the practice to pursue a different field of medicine. Many of the others left the area, and sadly, Dr. Rogers had a premature death.

In 2001, Dr. Catherine Bernardini joined Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates, followed by Dr. Lisa Leone in 2005, and Dr. Thomas Dardarian in 2010. Dr. Maria Keating became associated with the practice in 2015. Dr. Rudolph retired in 2000, Dr. Karbiner in 2003, and Dr. Hopper in 2005.

Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates hired Beth Adams, CRNP to join the practice as its first certified nurse practitioner. She was later joined by Harriet McCarney, CRNP in 2007, and in 2012 with Beth Wisz, CRNP. Cathy Bull, RNC became the first triage nurse in 2011.

State of the Art Laboratory

Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates became a division of Women’s Health Care Group of Pennsylvania in January of 2005. The group consists of twenty-five OB/GYN related practice groups in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. The practice areas within the group include OB/GYN services, perinatal specialists and reproductive endocrinologists. The group consists of over 100 physicians including expert Obstetricians and Gynecologists in forty-five office sites throughout the area. WHCGPA has opened the Center for Breast Health at several locations, and has a state of the art laboratory located at the corporate center in Oaks, Pennsylvania.

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