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Cathy Bull, R.N.C.

Cathy Bull, R.N.C. Cathy Bull has joined the staff of Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates Division of Women’s Health Care Group of PA. Cathy has taken on the role of Triage Nurse and will help to facilitate a quick response to your OB-GYN questions and concerns.

Cathy is a highly skilled Registered Professional Nurse with over 28 years of practical experience in the hospital environment where she worked in Labor and Delivery, GYN, and the Perinatal Testing Centers of the Main Line Health Hospital System. Cathy is a graduate of The Bryn Mawr Hospital School of Nursing. She became certified in 2006 in In-Patient Obstetrics and certified in Third Trimester Limited Ultrasound in 2007. She is certified in Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support and is a provider of Neonatal Resuscitation.

Cathy is married and the mother of two children.

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