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Adolescent Gynecologic Care

Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates is committed to helping women improve and maintain their health, which is a process that starts from an early age and develops and changes with puberty. By offering specialized gynecological services for adolescent women, we can build a positive relationship between young women and their bodies. Starting to understand healthy reproductive systems is the first step in disease prevention, early diagnosis, and overall preventive care.

Mom and Daughter Smiling

Age-appropriate care

Young women should start seeing a professional women’s health specialist, or gynecologist, between the ages of 13 and 15 alongside the onset of puberty and menstruation. The first visit to your gynecologist will be different than adult women’s health visits, so Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates tailors the experience, exam, and treatment to welcome younger patients.

What to expect at your first visit

If this will be your first visit to Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates or your first trip to any gynecologist, we want you to know that our goal for the first visit is to make you feel safe and more confident about your own body. We want you to feel comfortable asking questions and learning about sexual health, disease, at-home self-exams, reproductive health, and more.

When you arrive, we’ll ask you to fill out basic paperwork about your insurance and medical history, just like any doctor’s appointment. During your appointment, you have total control over any part of the exam, and you can ask us to do or not do any part of the exam based on your comfort. Starting with basic health information (weight, temperature, diet, etc.) we’ll ask you general questions as well as specific sexual health questions. This may feel awkward but remember: We discuss these topics every day with lots of people with no judgment. Your honest answers are important!

The exam will be tailored to the patient’s needs. However, some visits do not require a pelvic exam. If one is necessary, our doctor or nurse practitioner will explain what each part of the exam is looking for, like visible rashes, internal lumps, and so forth.

Treatment for common gynecologic needs

Based on the patient’s personal needs and health, our ongoing services and treatment include excellent medical care for young women experiencing problems with puberty, menstrual dysfunction, and sexual issues. This includes practical treatment and psychological support for these areas as well as counseling regarding HPV vaccination. 

Patient education

Patient education is a priority for us in patients of all ages, but young women especially need to hear about their bodies for the first time to set them up for a healthy future. A first appointment with us will conclude by answering your questions and explaining how the patient can perform cervical and breast self-exams at home in between appointments to notice anything that might warrant a doctor’s visit.  

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