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Obstetrical Services

Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates is a leading OB/GYN clinic with a proven track record in innovative care. Our board-certified physicians performed the first robotic hysterectomy at Bryn Mawr Hospital. As your partners in health, Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates is honored to be involved in this milestone process of growing your family. Please contact our clinic at any stage in your family planning journey for support from a dedicated women’s health team.

Pregnant Woman with Doctor

Care during your pregnancy

At Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates, we go beyond basic prenatal checkups. Our doctors can recommend, administer, and explain specialized pregnancy care, including antenatal testing to evaluate the health of the placenta, nonstress tests (NSTs) to check the baby’s movement and heartbeat, genetic counseling, postpartum mood assessments, and more. Even if your pregnancy is smooth and healthy and doesn’t require specialized medical treatments, we want you and your child to feel peaceful with the confidence that your family is in excellent, compassionate hands through any situation.

Doctor Checking Baby's Heartbeat

High-risk pregnancy support

While many pregnancies follow a similar, smooth process, if you experience complications or less common medical symptoms, you are by no means alone. High-risk pregnancies are more common than you might have thought, and the nurses, doctors, and nurse practitioners at Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates have excellent experience in navigating specific health conditions of both mother and child. This includes consultation, diagnosis and delivery, and postnatal follow-up to minimize risks when possible and prepare for special situations.

The term high-risk can be applied to many types of pregnancies. Sometimes a preexisting health condition or medical history of the mother, such as diabetes or a previous miscarriage, can require special consideration. In other cases, the pregnancy itself may require extra monitoring, for example during a multiple pregnancy, premature labor, or a medical condition associated with the pregnancy such as preeclampsia.

Education and training

From fertility planning to lactation support, Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates empowers women to make choices about their health and the health of their children. Because patient education plays an important role in all our women’s health services, we offer a regular schedule of Prepared Childbirth Classes to expectant mothers to help them feel confident and relaxed in the delivery room. Even if you’ve given birth one or more times in the past, a refresher course and an explanation of the latest knowledge and techniques can be useful to mothers and their partners to support a smooth and joyful birth.

Partner with us today as you plan to grow your family.

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