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Prepared Childbirth Classes

Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates wants you to be informed and educated about your own reproductive system as you head into motherhood for the first time or the fifth. Our prepared childbirth classes take the mystery and anxiety out of the delivery room, especially for first-time moms-to-be.

Class schedule

Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates hosts birthing classes titled “Great Expectations Prepared Childbirth Class” every month at our Radnor House location on Lancaster Avenue near Bryn Mawr Hospital the Rosemont section of Bryn Mawr. To accommodate working mothers and partners, classes are offered on Sundays and include time for instruction, practice, questions, and a special hospital tour of Labor and Delivery at Bryn Mawr Hospital. This is an excellent opportunity to evaluate the hospital for parents choosing a delivery location or to get more comfortable and familiar with what a typical delivery room and equipment looks like.

About the delivery class instructor, Julie Weiskopf

Julie Gawronski, BSN, RN, ICCE, teaches all Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates’ monthly classes. Julie Gawronski is certified in both inpatient obstetrics and childbirth education. She has worked in multiple women’s health departments at Bryn Mawr Hospital, including the Labor and Delivery, Post Partum, and Nursery units. As your birthing instructor, she brings years of professional training, firsthand experience, and personal wisdom to answer your questions and prepare you for a smooth and confident delivery.

Doctor Holding Baby

Topics our birthing classes can cover

During the birthing class, we will cover a range of topics from planning, labor, and immediate recovery steps. At each phase, we’ll take the time to illustrate the processes and practice and answer specific questions from the group. Some topics might include:

  • Birth planning tips, including information on various hospitals, home-delivery options, birthing centers, and more
  • Preparing for labor by recognizing normal and abnormal contractions, what to bring to the hospital, and more
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques to focus and/or distract yourself at specific intervals, including the popular Lamaze method
  • Labor positions to relieve pain and align the baby’s body to yours for faster, smoother delivery
  • Medical and natural pain relief options, risks, and how to ask your doctor for specific medications
  • The stages of normal labor and delivery, as well as some common delivery complications and the steps your doctors will most likely take to handle them safely and efficiently
  • Medical procedures such as C-sections and inductions, including when they might be needed, health risks and benefits, and the process
  • Basic newborn baby care and postpartum care for the mother, from breastfeeding to healing to cleaning
Woman Kissing Baby's Feet

Why prepare for childbirth with a class from Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates

There are plenty of excellent books to supplement your preparations, but in our experience, we find that a group class allows for more hands-on practice, answers to specific and personal questions, and better confidence and support from learning alongside other expectant mothers. We encourage partners to join in as well, and both of you will feel more relaxed and remember the process when it’s time to meet your child.

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